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Tibor Dragán was born in 1985 in Budapest. He started working with electronic music as a DJ at the age of 14. In the beginning, he learned music as an autodidact, and nowadays he is learning to play the piano and deepening his knowledge of music theory.

Tibor has been a fan of Denzel Washington movies since childhood. He got his first inspirations from the movie DEJA VU. The melancholic melodies in this film inspired him the most. It was in these films that he realized his musical identity and today he expresses his own feelings with such melodies and music. His identity is reflected in his own songs. Film music has a deep and close connection with his individual and collective identity. The moods and feelings evoked in his own songs are strongly connected to his thoughts, reminding him of the periods or events that define them. His musical soundtracks carry a kind of narrative, presenting who he is, where he came from and where he is going.

He feels it is a kind of mission to shape people's thinking, emotions, and personality with his songs.

Tibor Dragan

Music what helps to connect to your soul...


"Music what helps to connect to your soul..."